Huntington’s Chorea

Huntington’s Disease (HD) is a progressive brain disorder that affects movement, mood and the thinking skills of the individual. It is caused by a defective gene which effects the protein and development which progressively changes areas of the brain. This can lead to abnormal involuntary movements, a decline in thinking and reasoning skills and irritability, depression and other mood changes.

Symptoms usually develop between 30 and 50 years. The hallmark symptom is uncontrolled movement but others include:

  • Alterations in mood (depression, anxiety and uncharacteristic anger and irritability)
  • Decline in thinking and reasoning skills
  • Impaired memory, concentration, judgment and ability to plan and organise


How can we help?

There is no cure for preventing or slowing the progression of brain changes. Treatment instead focuses on managing symptoms. Physiotherapy and exercise will help to maintain health and fitness. It can help you learn strategies to better manage your movements and develop good routines.  Our therapists are experts at identifying your individual physical challenges and developing a program specific to your needs at all stages of your therapy.



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