Therapy Support Worker
or Carer Training

Therapy Support Worker or Carer Training

At The Neuro Practice, we offer specific carer training for those involved with the day to day support and therapy for our clients.

Maximising Independence

Education, upskilling and training of therapy support workers, family and advocates is important to help people with disability and physical challenges maximise their independence.

This support also frequently provides people the opportunity to continue to stay at home whilst being able to safely perform their day to day activities combined with accessing the community.   Guided assistance on a regular basis can also help someone achieve their physical goals more quickly and with greater confidence and support.

Therapist training for those supporting someone with a physical challenge or disability may include the following:

  • Manual handling for transfers and personal care
  • Mobility equipment (e.g. hoists, walking frames, wheelchairs)
  • Exercise equipment (e.g. treadmill, bikes, motomeds, weights and therabands)
  • Client exercise programs
    • Home based programs
    • Gym based programs
    • Pool based programs
  • Education of the specifics of the clients’ presentation, fatigue management, strength, endurance, limitations etc.

Specific skilled based learning to support the client can improves access and consistency for therapy programs, that may otherwise need to be limited to occurring under the supervision of a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist.

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