What is a physio?

A physiotherapist can be a range of different things depending on the environment they work in. At The Neuro Practice, the physiotherapists specialize in movement organized by the brain and the spinal cord. The brain and spinal cord communicate with each other and the rest of the body to produce a sequence of movements that produce an action – like sitting, standing, walking, running and functional activities such as using cutlery etc.

People will often seek assessment and advice from a Physiotherapist when there is difficulty producing that action. At The Neuro Practice your Physiotherapist will assist with optimizing the movement by virtue of strengthening, retraining the movement process, education and/or pain management. We will set you up with a home program to maximise your advanced skill level and promote your independence. This will then be regularly assessed and modified as required. We can also teach those people supporting you to assist you in a educated, supported and skilled way to help you to achieve your goals.

The role of a community physiotherapist in rehabilitation.
What, where, how...

The Neuro Practice can offer physiotherapy interventions within clinic, the person’s home or in a community setting – such as local park, gym, school, sporting environment or pool.

Hospital based Physiotherapy rehabilitation is generally targeted at improving movements and skills that will result in the client safely returning home, e.g., moving around in the bed and between rooms and navigating household obstacles.

Community based rehabilitation builds on those skills by addressing the client’s life beyond returning home, such as returning to meaningful activities, like employment, social and recreational activities and exercise or sport. Community physiotherapists will often provide their therapy in a range of different environments relevant to the client to ensure the therapy and treatment is specific to each individuals needs.

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